Ninox Web Collections | Unlock Your Ninox Data Online

Do you wish that your digital collection can be accessed by your audience?

Ninox Web Collections is a Collection Management System that consist of a very user-friendly Ninox database were the records are stored and a website where the records can be viewed.

Let's work together to create the best solution of your unique collection.

  • WebAccess to your Ninox digital collection.

  • Easy importing of new records

Ninox Web Photos | Search and Sell your Photos Online

Give your audience the rights to search and buy licenses to publish or download photos from your unique collection.

Ninox Web Photos consist of a very user-friendly Ninox database that syncs the metadata with a website where the photos are stored, can be viewed and purchased.

  • Photo-archives are ordered with a simple folder structure.

  • Add metadata to the images

  • Fast search through thousand images

  • Sell Images with Mollie Payments ( very low transfer rates )

  • Credit system

  • Users can track their purchases

Ninox CRM Solution

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution helps you entrepreneurs, in the day to day business management. It was created to help you save time, get organised, and focus on what you do best.

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Ninox CRM comes with the following modules:

  • Contact Management

  • Invoicing

  • Sales

  • Project and Event Management

  • Support

Ninox ERP Solution ( in development )

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software will be the perfect solution for your team. All the modules are seamlessly connected to provide all the data to make the best decisions and to create or allow automation between them.

Ninox ERP will have the following modules:

  • Accounting, Sales insights

  • Production & Inventory

  • Project Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Human Resources

  • Support